Hosting Your Child’s Halloween Costume Party

Halloween is getting increasingly popular among kids! It’s a fun way to get everyone involved in the party. Here are some tips on how you can throw a fun but spooky Halloween bash.

On Halloween night, invite your child’s friends to celebrate under your roof. By preparing a fun party, you will ensure that sweets and only sweets will not be the focus of attention.

halloween party supplies

A costume contest :

Invite kids to parade in their costumes to the sound of Monster Mash or another Halloween hit. Then ask everyone to explain why they chose this disguise. Plan for several prizes – pens, balls or small toys – thus, several children will be rewarded for their participation.

Halloween costumes in India :

Halloween allows you to change into any character that you like. It may be a terrible image of the underworld, such as zombies, or bloody character like a butcher or a maniac with a chainsaw or even dreamy fairy-tale characters like Snow White. In case someone from the guests comes without a suit, prepare a few extra options for easy dressing – bright wigs, horns, devils, witches hats, masks, evil clowns, etc. You can choose the best collection and buy Halloween costumes online.

Entertainment :

Let guests get into theme as soon as they walk into the door with some fun entertainment! Have them encounter a few dressed witches who offer to pull out a trick or treat message. You can have thematic treats like symbols of Halloween, charms against evil forces, garlic bundles, aspen stakes, squidgy stress buster balls.

Games :

The great classics can be adapted for the occasion:

Scary races. If the weather permits, go out with the children. Draw a starting line and a finish line, or determine landmarks, such as a tree or shrub. Before giving the signal to start, tell the children to skip like toads, or to beat arms to imitate the wings of bats.

Zombie Tag – When a child is touched, he turns into a zombie and must walk with dragging feet. The game stops when all the children have become zombies.

“Horrible” Telephone – Sitting in a circle, children whisper alternately a phrase about Halloween. The last child utters out loudly what he has heard: an undoubtedly distorted version of the original sentence!

The menu :

Here are some frightening snack ideas:

  • Witch eyes: Stuffed eggs to which you will have added guacamole or pesto, with a green or black olive as an iris.
  • Giant insect pizza: Garnish a pita bread with tomato sauce, a little pepperoni, sliced ​​mushrooms and grated cheese. With black olives and peppers, shape the body and legs of insects.
  • Spider web in dip: Prepare raw vegetables and decorate your dip, your hummus or your guacamole by drawing a cobweb with sour cream.
  • Using a socket pocket or a plastic bag that you cut a corner, draw concentric circles on your dip.
  • To form each of the rays of the cobweb, pass a knife from the centre of the dish towards the edge.

At the costume party be sure to note the best outfits. Come up with several nominations (“The most unusual costume,” “Miss Halloween”, “Mister Mystery” and so on and check the winner’s gifts.)



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