There is no doubt that the concept of Halloween has grown massively in India over the last few years. Be is schools, nightclubs, house parties or colleges, come end-October, that’s what everyone is talking about! Does it come as a surprise? Definitely not. There are multiple reasons for this growth:


1. Growth in MNC’s in India which attracts a lot of expats (and with that, their culture)

2.  Returning Indian students from an education overseas

3. Exposure from Social Media and TV Channels

4. Spurt in party shops around the country making costumes and accessory options available

5. Existing nightlife culture in metros and fast-growing nightlife culture in tier-2 & 3 cities

Year on year we have seen the effort taken by party-goers in getting that perfect Halloween costume increase manifold. The generic witches and skeletons have given way to recognisable characters like Yoda, Milkha Singh or Iron Man! So, Just throwing on a witch hat at a Halloween party will make you look like a wet blanket! One should really take the effort, visit some party stores, surf the net for some unique Halloween Ideas to join in the fun


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