Halloween – India’s Newly Adopted Festival!

The trend of Halloween is growing massively here in India, let’s make no mistake about it. The once American tradition has now spread worldwide, across Europe and now into Asia. Halloween, derived from “All Hallows’ Eve” is the night of the dead – when ghosts and ghouls take rule over the waking world, to frighten and scare the life out of the living! But how did Halloween actually make its long way here to India? See, Halloween isn’t just about relying on American traditions such as Apple-bobbing or trick-or-treating – it’s about the creation of the atmosphere which counts…and of course letting the dead in us out for one night of the year, a night of frights!

The question that remains is how did India adopt this festival? It’s quite simple really – the individuals did! Thanks to all the exposure from the internet and existing night life circles. Forget the trick-or-treating and the Apple-bobbing, the most important factor of Halloween is the efforts the individual needs to take to dress up for the occasion. It’s not hard to see that the atmosphere relies on everyone to create it. For years Americans have worked hard on customising and wearing their costumes for this creepy evening. Locally, due to both, the availability and awareness, the trend-setting, party-going Indians are striving hard on curating that perfect Halloween look as well. Things have gotten so much easier… now-a-days people go search for their Halloween props and other party supplies online. It seems evident that this is what creates the individual sense of Halloween, as it allows everyone to bring out the creative devil which was dead in them! So if you are looking to get ready in your ghoulish worst, there are many Halloween props that are easily available. For example, fake blood, capes, liquid latex, cosmetic eye lenses and lashes, prosthetic make-up, face paints and so much more. There is a bounty of Halloween costumes for kids and infants out there as well. And of course, there is no dearth in the availability of décor, across the range for party planners, restaurant / club owners and house party hosts, ranging from cute little light-up smiling pumpkins for kids parties, those dreaded rubber creepy crawlies, to really horrifying, blood curdling installations !

This does not only end at Halloween. The spurt in party shops and night clubs around the country has made overall party decoration, accessories and props across all party types. So be it a bachelorette party, a baby shower, a particular theme party like glow-in-the-dark or retro, there is enough and more available to make the party truly unique and memorable. One can definitely say that India has truly become one party central country to be in.

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