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We know we are living in a constantly changing digital age where we are submerged in technology. Most of us would not even have guessed how the world has evolved since the last decade! We are living in times where humans have created robots to do most of their work. We have gadgets to show us directions, solar power, microchips that can hold terabytes of information… however the one thing we generally discuss is tracking back to much less complex times or one may say simpler times.

retro theme party

Let’s admit it, we all are retro-darlings, when it comes to pixels in gaming which was square framed pieces rather flowing 3D images, and where big frames, long hair and bellbottoms were a thing. So doesn’t it seem obvious why a retro-themed party is such a popular choice! It gives us the opportunity to get nostalgic, and travel back in time and revisit things that we have such fond memories of.

From long messy hair to insanely bright colour clothing and accessories, retro parties are one of those few times when you get the chance to wear crazy styles with dramatic makeup and hairspray to finish the look and also dance to those favourite groovy tunes.

Interested in setting up your own Retro party? Well, pull up your chair and keep reading…

Today, when we talk about retro, it imitates anything from the 60’s to 80’s but as we’re talking about how fast time is going forward, even the 90’s are creeping its way into the retro bracket! Keeping this in mind, here are some tips on retro-ing your soiree!

Set up (décor)

Dress up your venue with lots of retro party decorations. You can truly make the spot hallucinogenic by pulling in some beaded multi-coloured curtains. Psychedelic lights, beanbags, tie-dye table cloth covers. Tie around peace signs, smiley faces and put bright flowers around. Kaleidoscopes and disco balls will create a stylistic layout to your party. Hang around or stick some old records and movie posters on the wall. Have a rotating disco ball on top of your dance floor and flash coloured lights. You can easily find things for retro theme party online in India and spare yourself some time.

Food and drinks

Theme your menu vintage style. The 60’s and 70’s were simpler times. Serving nostalgic, simple dishes like cheese puffs, mini- meatballs, olive dip with bread, chips and French onions will work well with the theme. Likewise, there are few choice of cocktails you might want to throw in to this party like black Russian, Manhattan martinis, old fashioned, Alabama summer, kamikaze and long island. Or hey, if its easier, just make a large bowl of punch – that really is authentic retro style!


Activities surely add more fun to the party. If you one of them movies buffs, get everyone together for a movie marathon of old classic movies. You can also set up a karaoke machine and sing along all night to your old favourites. One of the major inventions of the 80’s were video games, so set up the iconic Nintendo system or the cartridge video gaming console and get everybody down to business. Nothing will get everyone together than a decent session of Mario, duck hunt, contra or even terminator. A simple activity to have is a costume contest and honor the best dressed a prize. This gets everyone to break out into their best retro outfits and some friendly competition.

So go on then, play the right music and get the party started!!

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