6 Getaways for a Kickass Bachelorette Party for the Bride

Bachelor parties have been a wedding convention since the supposed ‘old days’, when they get the bridegroom to sow around his wild oats before it is time to settle down! We are out of that dim age (thank heavens!), but hey now a days ladies celebrate their nearing weddings with their kinds as well. Just for fun! Need a little introduction on how to throw a wicked bachelorette party? Continue reading …

To all the bride tribes out there, it’s party time!! Here are some ideas on how to help you get ready for the bachelorette party you’d been planning for your bestie. We know you want to plan the best bachelorette party yet…and there is nothing more fun like a celebration with your favourite wild tribe before one of them takes the enormous jump – MARRIAGE! So are you charged with sorting out an insane party for the bride to be?

The wild night could be a wild bash with a whole lot of people, a cozy one with just the few The essence of the party though stays the same….its a group of besties, getting together, to snicker and giggle about old times or embarrassing stories, pick on stuff that celebrates her erratic past / unusual habits, most times though, getting the bride to be wasted so that she spills the beans – possibly dragging her from pub to bar to club – shot after shot or hey spicing it up with some drinking games! So yes, it could range from mild to wild, its what you choose it to be. So think of the bride to be, what does she like? Is she the wild one? Or would she prefer a close knit group of her special ones?

Below are few other ways to have an awesome bachelorette party:

1. Host a destination bachelorette party

destination bachelorette party

One of the best things about hosting a destination bachelorette party is that the bride and her most loved and close-knit friends get the chance to experience some place new and that occasionally implies venturing out to a spot they would have not ventured out together otherwise. A destination bash would be apt for a jet setting bride to bond with her close ones and discover a new place!

2. Personalize outfits and accessories

personalize outfit

We all know how much fun it is to dress up and splurge on some accessories, irrespective of the moment. Having a special theme for the party will allow matching outfits to stand out. For example, personalize your bride to be sash or bachelorette party t-shirts or tiaras, one could also buy coloured feather boas or badges that have a description for each of the friends.

3. Masquerade the party

masquerade party

Get all mysterious by disguising yourselves by wearing those masquerade masks, party mad when no one knows who you are. Your group will surely stand out at bars and clubs, but no one will know your true identity!

4. Pool Party!

pool party

Book a slot at a luxury spot of a hotel that has a cool pool scene. Unwind in your cute bikinis, your sunnies and drown in those cocktails! And hey if you want to spice it up, have her indulge in some harmless flirtation with the cute lifeguard, or better yet, have the cutie sunbathing next to your tribe buy her a margarita!

5. Spa day

spa day

If your wedding is around the corner, relax yourselves with massages and facials. Bright side to it is, you’ll look more refreshed and feel more relaxed for the wedding. And why not gift her a hamper of sexy lingerie at the end!

6. Surprise Glamping-Camping


Search for a campground then pack all clothes, supplies, drinks and surprise your ‘bride to be’ with a spontaneous outdoor trip to the woods and camp glamorously doing activities that may be cool as cucumber-infused cocktails. Go girls’ glamping because girls don’t camp… they glamp!!

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